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Carpet Cleaning

There are quite a few methods companies use to clean carpets. We will clean your carpets according to carpet manufacturers’ specifications. This type of cleaning is required to keep your warranties intact. That method is:

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction will give you the deepest clean, and it is the method required by manufacturers of residential carpet. For your home, we use only the most effective and the safest cleaning solutions available. Each method has it's advantages and disadvantages. We are highly mindful of allergens, and we have an allergy. Check out our steam carpet cleaning services -- as well as upholstery and area rugs -- with special allergy-relief treatments.

We stay up-to-date on the latest industry equipment and cleaning techniques.

Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

We are confident and skilled at cleaning fine and delicate upholstery fabrics. We clean your couches, love seats, chairs, ottomans — all your furniture, with expert care. We can safely clean cotton, rayon, wool, silk and all of the synthetic fibers. We will pre-test the fabric and advise you on what can be safely done and what results you can expect from the cleaning.

The durability and condition of the upholstery fabric will determine the method and approach we will use for cleaning it.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Bring your Tile & Grout Back to Life! A-breeze can work magic on the tough grout stains and discoloring between the tiles, hard-surface floor, shower walls, and counter tops.

A pristine kitchen or bathroom is a glorious sight. But what if you can't get the dirt out of every crack and crevice? The bacteria and buildup that has set up camp in your grout seems to stand out even more now that everything else in the room is sparkling clean. Grout cleaning services are just the thing you need for a seamless result.

Area Rug Cleaning

Your precious area rugs in your San Jose home are constantly exposed to foot traffic, dust, spills, and other dirt.

Ken Harte, owner and operator of A-breeze Maintenance, is specially trained and has the experience to thoroughly clean your fine oriental area rugs. Your rugs are in skilled, careful, and capable hands with Ken Harte in the San Jose area.

A note on Fabric Protector Professionally Restored

The fabric protection on both carpet and upholstery will wear off due to consumer use. We can advise you of where the protection should be restored. Protector can be applied immediately following the cleaning. We use the best and safest products for the carpet and upholstery being treated.

*If you have a special need that we cannot provide, ask us and we’ll be happy to refer you to a reputable company that can meet your needs.

Please call us if you need our help or have any questions!